Signal Processing In Networking

SPIN (Signal Processing in Networking) focuses on an exciting new area of signal processing devoted to the study, modeling, and analysis of networks and network traffic. The overarching goal of SPIN is to improve future generations of networks and the Internet, making them faster, more reliable, and more secure. Network maintenance, provisioning, design, quality of service, and security all benefit from careful modeling and data analysis. This presents two major SPIN challenges: network traffic analysis and network performance mapping. Our group blends recent work in multifractals, network tomography, and QoS measurement to develop unique and innovative signal processing theory and methods dealing with these key challenges.

 Research Team

  Richard Baraniuk, Professor
  Robert Nowak, Professor
  Rolf Riedi, Professor

Graduate Students:
  Mohammed Ahamed
  Rui Castro
  Alireza Keshavarz-Haddad
  Ryan King
  Aline Martin
  Michael Rabbat
  Vinay Ribeiro
  Shriram Sarvotham
  Yolanda Tsang

Undergraduate Students:
  Mehmet Yildiz



  Collaborators and Affiliations

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