DARPA NMS program

Multiscale Traffic Processing Techniques for Network Inference and Control

Talks and Reports 
  NMS Kickoff Meeting, July 18, 2000: Powerpoint   Pdf
       (For all talks from the meeting go to the DARPA site)

  NMS Workshop, Sept 27-29, 2000: Powerpoint   Pdf
        (For all talks from the meeting: DARPA site)

  NMS Workshop, April 1-4, 2001: Powerpoint

  NMS Workshop, October 22-24, 2001: Powerpoint [5 Slide Summary (ppt)]

  NMS Workshop, April 17-19, 2002: Powerpoint

  NMS Workshop, November 13-15, 2002: Powerpoint

  NMS Workshop, May 27-29, 2003: Powerpoint

  NMS Workshop, November , 2004: Powerpoint

  Reports     Obtain a login
  1st quarter, July 2000: HTML
  2nd quarter, October 2000: HTML
  3rd quarter, January 2001: HTML
  4th quarter, April 2001: HTML
  5th quarter, July 2001: HTML
  6th quarter, October 2001: HTML
  7th quarter, January 2002: HTML
  8th quarter, April 2002: HTML
  9th quarter, July 2002: HTML  
  10th quarter, October 2002: HTML  
  11th quarter, January 2003: HTML
  12th quarter, April 2003: HTML
  13th quarter, July 2003: HTML
  15th quarter, October 2003: HTML
  15th quarter, January 2004: HTML
  16th quarter, April 2004: HTML
  17th quarter, July 2004: HTML
  17th quarter, October 2004: HTML
  19th quarter, January 2005: HTML
  20th quarter, April 2005: HTML